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" Effective Boards of Directors in Crisis Times"

Corporate governance remains a poorly understood but hotly debated topic in Ukrainian politics even during the quarantine. Few remember that back in 2014, we had not a single professional, independent supervisory board in any of Ukrainian state-owned companies. International financial audit by Big 4 was conveniently regarded as ‘unnecessary’ or ‘too expensive’, publishing financial statements was not mandatory (!),top managers were all appointed through political quotas and treated appointments to the jobs that paid USD 500 a month as a pinnacle of their political carriers. Illegal enrichment was widespread and commonly acceptable. That year cumulative loss of all SOEs in Ukraine reached USD 10bn. The record in the private sector wasn’t much better. Successful entrepreneurs, blinded by own success or pursuing fraudulent agenda, often used same excuses as politicians for not adjusting corporate governance standards in their companies after raising external capital. It wasn’t long until many publicly listed companies were ran into the ground, investors and creditors lost billions of USD and country’s reputation as an attractive place to invest was massively damaged.