UCGA Board Direction program is a world class education for current or future board members of private, public or state-owned companies. Board Direction programs are based on principles and recommendations of UCGA and OECD and prepared considering the best practices and case studies from INSEAD, Stanford and Harvard.

The Program is organized twice a year and taught by high caliber professors from the best business schools of the world such as INSEAD and London Business School.

One part of the program consists of learning about global best practices and international standards, therefore concentrating on theoretical background. The second part is based on the Ukrainian context presented by local guest speakers and experienced practitioners elaborating on practical issues.




3 500 EUR*


*VAT not included


The Board Direction Program is

  • World class corporate governance education in Ukraine
  • Flexible and affordable program to fit your daily work
  • Introducing practical learning and case studies from around the world
  • Establishing a profession of an independent director in Ukraine
  • Connecting you with a unique alumni network


Course structure


You will study one module every 2 days and complete it over 3 weeks. Each module is taught by a new professor, followed by presentations, board room simulations, reflection sessions. Every module includes guest speaker discussions with experienced practitioners in corporate governance. UCGA provides all of the studying materials, technical equipment, Wi-Fi, food and drinks to make the education sessions productive.


3 weeks
2 days per week
Total: 6 days

Time commitments

We expect you to spend 8 hours of studying per day, which is 48 hours of intensive learning in total.


We anticipate you to do the preparation ahead of education days. For each day you will be assigned to read and analyze:

  • Articles
  • Researches:
  • Case studies;
  • Board room simulation materials;


In order to be certified after the Program, each participant has to prepare one of two types of certification requirements:

  • Certification presentation
  • Certification paper

Scholarships to UCGA students by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD): Student Selection& Procedure

General requirements:

  • Leadership: demonstrates or potentially can demonstrate a high level of authority and influence on the decisions in the sphere of corporate governance;
  • Trackable significant input: demonstrates visible results and positive changes in the fields of corporate governance he or she is responsible for;
  • Reputation: demonstrates undisputable ethical conduct and absence of any criminal records and/or corruption scandals;
  • Public activity: demonstrates social visibility and openness towards corporate governance community;
  • Commitment: demonstrates his/her readiness to attend the course diligently which includes his/her ability to take three (3) Fridays off to make this possible.

Specific requirements:

  • EBRD scholarships may be introduced to civil servants, politicians and employees, working for the Government in functions related to state ownership, including advisers and RSTs, newly appointed members of Supervisory Boards of SOEs and individuals that already applied or qualified for consideration as members of Supervisory Boards of SOEs by the Nomination Committee of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and/or employees of SOEs working in the management or supporting the governing bodies of SOEs (e.g. Corporate Secretary, secretaries of the Board committees, etc).

The Selection and Admissions Procedure:

• Preliminary Stage

the Nomination Committee shall pre-approve short and long lists of potential participants who meet the general and specific requirements mentioned above based on the transparent and merit-based selection procedure;

• Application Stage

a potential participant will be informed of the Nomination Committee’s preliminary decision and, in case he or she agrees thereto, shall send an application for the UCGA Board Direction

• Selection Decision Stage

the Nomination Committee and the EBRD Operational Leader shall approve the short list of potential participants who sent their applications. The decision should then be provided by the Nomination Committee to the EBRD Operational Leader at least one (1) month in advance of the course of the Program for which the potential participants apply. The EBRD Operational Leader should provide the sign-off within two (2) weeks after receipt of the short-list.

Offer Stage

a potential participant approved is proposed to take UCGA Educational Programs under such circumstances: The price of UCGA Program course is EUR 3,500 per student. In order

to ensure the strong commitment of a selected student financed by the EBRD the scholarship will cover only a portion of the total price of the Program for a student. The value of total scholarship from EBRD per participant is estimated at EUR 1,650. The value of total scholarship from UCGA per participant is estimated at EUR 800.Each participant wishing to accept the offer should provide the Nomination Committee with e-declarations, salary certificates, letters from SOEs or any other proof of insufficient budgets. The amount each participant is expected to contribute to the costs of the course itself should be at least EUR 1050.Should the potential participant agree to such conditions, he or she can start UCGA Educational Program according to the same procedure as other participants. Should the potential participant disagree to such conditions, he or she will be automatically with drawn from the short list approved. Therefore, the Selection and Admissions Procedure steps back to the Application Stage at which another potential participant from the longlist will be informed of the Nomination Committee’s preliminary decision and, in case he or she agrees thereto, should send an application for the UCGA Educational Program. The Selection Decision Stage and the Offer Stage follow.

• Implementation Stage

A participant approved shall attend the course diligently and complete his/her certification paper. A student shall reimburse the scholarship on his/her own in case:

  • he/she fails to attend more than one (1) module;
  • he/she attends all three (3) modules but does not complete his/her certification paper.

Applications for participation in the competitive selection and relevant documents are submitted by January 31, 2021 to the e-mail address:

For any inquiries please contact: +380 68 112 85 70 (The Community Manager Alina Cherviak)


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